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Civil Engineering Services

We pride ourselves in that we are competent to take a project through planning, preliminary design, and ultimately to the final design stage --- ready for construction. Thereafter, we provide construction support through plan clarification, contractor and field surveyor coordination and as-needed plan revision. Early in the project we identify stakeholders and engage them in the design process. Our ultimate goal is to achieve our clients' objectives while satisfying the sensitivities of the other stakeholders.

  • Commercial Site Development Plans

  • Residential Site Development Plans

  • Horizontal and Vertical Road Design; Alignment Studies

  • Sight Distance Analysis; State and Local Roads

  • Mass Grading and Final Grading Plans

  • Earthwork Analysis

  • Storm Drain Analysis and Design

  • Storm Water Management Analysis and Design

  • Storm Water Quality Design

  • Flood Plain Studies

  • Hydrology/Hydraulic Studies

  • Community Septic Design

  • Shared Septic Design

  • Water/Sewer Planning and Design

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Design

  • AutoCAD Drafting

  • Maintenance of Traffic Plans

  • Forest Stand Studies and/or Mitigations

  • Well and Septic Design

  • Permit Processing

  • General Inspections

  • Development Cost Estimates

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